Our Sexiest Soundcloud Playlist Yet

There is something about a seductive song that can make you feel your sexiest.

Whether you are getting ready for a hot date or chilling at his place, our Soundcloud playlist will magnify any romantic tension in the air.

Listen to the new G by GUESSSexy State of Mind” Playlist, and make sure to follow us on our Soundcloud account to catch our next exciting playlist.

Going on a date somewhere romantic? Dress to impress in our G by GUESS date-night outfit picks.

Flirty and Feminine:


Koraline Lace Dress

Taylor Quilted Tech Cross-Body

Linear Stick-Fringe Earrings

Felisity Heels

Black and Gold-Tone Teardrop Ring

Seductive Sophistication:


Corvel Stretch Poplin Shirt

Gregorio Dressy Joggers

Basic Faux-Leather Belt

Silver-Tone Watch

Joshua Perforated Oxfords


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