The Best TV Diva Quotes ala Cookie Lyon

The G by GUESS girl loves a good diva who can inspire us to be strong, in control, and always sexy. That’s why Cookie Lyon is our favorite TV Diva. Whether she’s wearing skinny jeans and a bomber jacket or a sparkly couture gown, Cookie reminds us all that she’s THE queen diva, in her own right.

Let’s take a moment to show Cookie some #respect by looking at her most memorable moments from the past:

1.  “The streets ain’t made for everybody. That’s why they made sidewalks.”


2. “The name’s Cookie. Ask about me.”


3. “Hey boo boo, when I give a damn… I’ll let you know”


4.“Don’t forget to thank me, baby!”


5. “Better be glad I don’t feel like no scene today, ’cause I’d shut it down.”


6. “I made you better. Don’t forget that.”


7. “But I want you to always remember – I got you. You hear me? I got you”


8. “Boo Boo Kitty, just ’cause I asked Jesus to forgive you, don’t mean I do.”


9. “[Cookie] – that’s my name. Take a bite.”


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